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Dear Emily,


Thank you for your attention to the issue with the app that Aditya at Elephant Head has built for us. I’m sorry for the trouble.


I have attached the contract that we signed with Elephant Head. As you may notice, we contracted with him through our original company (ELS Audio Publishing, LLC). Since then we created a separate company (Effective Learning Systems, LLC) to manage our app business separately. These companies and all the content that we serve are all owned by my family. If it helps, I’ve copied the text of this note on some of our websites to demonstrate that they are all under my control:



I’ve also created a new Google Developer Account under the company name “Effective Learning Systems, LLC” through which we would like to publish this app.


Can you please do what needs to be done to allow Aditya to either publish the app in his account and transfer it to my account or delete the app from his account and publish it separately under my account?


Thank you for your help!


Jeff Griswold


Effective Learning Systems, LLC

ELS Audio Publishing, LLC

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