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A Note from Bob

Bob Griswold, Founder

Bob Griswold, Founder

I’ll bet you and I are alike in a lot of ways.

Have you tried reading positive thinking books and found yourself agreeing with the author, getting excited, and then putting down the book and going on doing things the way you always did? I have. It seems there are some things we don’t get from books. For example: We don’t read a book to learn to ride a bicycle and then jump on a bike and start riding. We have to experience or internalize whatever we want to learn or change and make it a natural part of our thinking, feeling, and behavior – essentially establishing new reflexes and thought habits.

Once we’ve done this, books can reinforce and supplement the benefits we derive from the audio programs. But the audio programs provide the essential “experience” that’s required to make true, permanent improvements.

While many of my students may claim otherwise, there is nothing magical about my audio programs. They are simply excellent learning devices that do a great job of communicating many of life’s most important lessons.

I’m confident that once you try them you’ll agree with the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users that these high quality, professionally produced programs are the most effective and well-researched programs available.

I invite you to learn more about this in the article “What’s so Great About Audio?”

I also invite you to find the programs that will help you make the improvements you seek in your life. You can search by Category or browse our different Series of programs. Or, if you’d like to learn more about us and experience a program for free, join our email list and enjoy the valuable bonuses you receive.

Whatever you choose to do, my wish is that you live your life – your one life –  to your fullest potential and you enjoy great success and happiness. And if I can help you do that, that would make me very happy!


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