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About the NEW While-U-Sleep Series!

While-U-Sleep self-improvement audio programsWe are pleased to introduce you to Bob Griswold’s ALL NEW series designed to help you improve your mind and improve your life While-U-Sleep!

This unique series of audio programs was created to help you develop your vast untapped abilities, realize your full potential, and make amazing improvements in virtually any area you choose.

These programs are carefully designed to help you get to sleep quickly and experience a full night of deep, restful sleep. All while delivering powerful, positive messages, imagery, and programming aimed to help you achieve specific life-improvement goals. Listen nightly and these programs can help you change your life!

Make Sleep Learning Work for You
Improve Your Life While You Sleep
Each Title Includes 2 CDs (or 2 Downloads)
Includes Both Subliminal and Audible Programming

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Harness The Incredible Power of Sleep

What happens in the brain during sleep is nothing short of incredible. While scientists are still not sure why our brains need sleep, the fact that we need sleep is abundantly clear. But new research is now beginning to discover just what goes on in our brains during sleep and the critical role sleep plays in emotional, physical, and mental development.

For example, while we sleep our brains process everything we experience during our waking moments and help us make sense of it all. Our brains use sleep to help us sort out what’s important and what’s not important. During sleep specific neuropathways related to our past experiences are either solidified or weakened in ways that greatly affect our emotions and behavior.

For example, science has discovered that it’s the process we go through during sleep that is critical to our ability to:

● Relieve emotional stress
● Improve memory
● Master physical skills
● Establish new habits

Therefore, in a large way, it is what happens in our brains while we sleep that really makes us who we are.

What do I get in the programs?

While you sleep, your brain stays very busy performing critical functions that have a great impact on how your subconscious mind works. So it’s very important that you provide your mind with the right environment and positive thoughts, images and feelings to ensure that your subconscious mind is programmed to help you succeed and achieve your goals. That’s precisely what these programs are designed to do!

Bob Griswold, Founder

With each title you get two CDs – or two separate downloaded audio files – that you can listen to when you go to bed. In the first program, Bob Griswold leads you through a very carefully constructed audible guided meditation session. While the hypnotic background music and nature sounds lull you into a state of deep relaxation, Bob’s words and soothing voice guide you through a carefully orchestrated process to help you program your inner mind with positive thoughts, images and feelings. As the program induces you into a deep slumber, it provides your mind with powerful, positive programming during the most critical stages of sleep.

The second audio program is the same message but recorded subliminally beneath that relaxing music and nature sounds. That means that the message is still there, it is just masked by the other sounds. The subliminal version is perfect for those who prefer to completely bypass their conscious mind and direct the message straight to their subconscious.

 How do I use the While-U-Sleep programs?

These life-changing programs are intended to be used when you go to bed. They are designed to help you relax and get to sleep quickly and naturally and deliver powerful programming while you are sleeping. Play them at a comfortable volume that will allow you to hear the program clearly while still letting you sleep soundly.

Most people will find that the programs enhance their sleep and begin to realize the positive benefits the very first night they listen. For some people, though, it may take 2-4 nights to get used to the program. The key is to become “familiar” with the program. What sleep studies have found is that people can sleep undisturbed in a noisy room as long as the sounds are “familiar.” It is the unfamiliar sounds that interfere with sleep. Therefore, you’ll experience the best results after a few nights of using the programs.

You may use headphones, but for many people they can be uncomfortable and may not stay on while you sleep. Alternatively, we recommend a stereo pillow speaker which allows you to listen comfortably and privately without the discomfort that headphones can cause.

You may either play the program once and let it end or you can set your player to repeat the program over and over all night long. While playing it all night long can maximize your exposure to the programming, you may prefer to sleep in silence during most of the night. Therefore the choice is yours. But the program was designed with neither an introduction nor an ending; therefore the program can be repeated seamlessly throughout the night.

It’s also your choice to play the audible version of the program or the subliminal version. Both have very valuable and powerful programming, but each person responds uniquely to the programming.

 How are these programs different than the Love Tapes programs?

While both the Love Tapes and the While-U-Sleep programs deliver powerful positive programming, the While-U-Sleep programs are the first ones designed specifically for listening during sleep.

The Love Tapes are designed to guide you to relax your mind to the Alpha brainwave frequency (8-12 Hz) – a state of mind between sleep and alertness – where the mind is more open to suggestion and has greater influence on the subconscious. The programs include an introduction and a count-out or “ascension” at the end to bring you out to the alert state of mind. In addition to the guided meditation program, the Love Tapes CDs include two subliminal programs.

While it’s possible to listen to the Love Tapes while you sleep – and our clients have done it for years with great results – they are not specifically designed to induce a deep Delta state (1-4 Hz) and the count out at the end is not ideal if your intention is to continue to sleep. And if you want to repeat the program over and over during the night, the introduction and some of the relaxation instructions are not needed.

The While-U-Sleep series, in contrast, is designed specifically to be used while you sleep. They are designed to allow you to reach a full deep sleep while they guide you through the positive, goal-oriented programming. Also, the recordings are “endless” and lack an introduction, so whether you play it once or repeat it all night long, the message is appropriate, positive, and encouraging.

Start Tonight

The While-U-Sleep programs deliver the perfect combination of ingredients to help you use more of your mind, realize more of your potential, and achieve your goals quickly and easily! They are available in CD format and as a digital download. Order the download today and you can start experiencing the powerful programming tonight!

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