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Affiliate Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your initial questions will be answered here. If you still have questions before joining, or any time, send an email to us at

Does it cost anything?

No. In fact it’s just the opposite: you get paid. It costs nothing to enroll and get started. Once we start receiving orders from customers directed from your site, you will begin to receive your commissions.


When will I get paid?

We pay you on a monthly basis, approximately 30 days following the end of each month for sales made from the first to the last day of the previous calendar month. For example, if one of your visitors makes a purchase on June 7th, you will get paid your commission for that order sometime around July 31st.


Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn as an Affiliate?

No, there is no limit. Whether one order is placed from your site or five thousand, you are guaranteed to earn commissions from those net sales.


What is the Commission Rate that you pay?

Many sites pay commissions of 3%-5%. Our default commission rate is a generous 10%. And, for affiliates who are willing engage in more aggressive promotion activities (e.g. solo email campaigns, blog postings, social media campaigns, etc.) we can customize a program for you. Please call us if you are interested.


How do I know when I have made a sale?

Your Affiliate Statistics page is updated in real time. Anytime you log into your Affiliate Statistics page you will see your personal sales and accrued commissions to date.


How do I promote Effective Learning products as an Affiliate?

The first thing to do is to place one of our banners on your website. Then visitors to your site will see the banner, click on it, and any purchases they make will be credited to you. Other ways to promote the program include

– Mail to your opt in mailing list (please don’t spam!)
– Include an article in your email newsletter
– Write a blog post about our programs and include links
– Share links on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+


Do I need a Social Security Number or Tax ID number in order to participate as an Affiliate?

We do need a Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number for you if you live in the United States. We are required to report the commissions we pay you to the IRS.


How much can I expect to earn?

Your own marketing efforts will determine the level of revenue you can expect from the Affiliate Tracking Affiliate Program. The more traffic your site gets and the more you promote the program, the greater the opportunity for success. If you do promote the program and receive a large number of visitors, our commission rate will guarantee that your level of income will be high.


How do I join?

It’s easy and it’s free! Just click here and enter your information, review the Terms and Conditions of our program, and complete the enrollment form. Once we receive your enrollment form, we will review the information. Once approved, we will send you all the information you need to get started successfully.


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