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Alpha Break MP3 Sample

Here is your free MP3 download of our Alpha Break audio program.

Use your Alpha Break MP3 download any time during the day. It’s a positive alternative to a “coffee break.” While it lasts only 10 minutes, it will help you relax and lower your brainwave frequency to the alpha state (7-14 Hertz). At this level of mind you will quickly raise your energy level, generate new ideas, make   decisions, or just renew your positive attitude. It’s ready to serve you wherever you go. Try it now!

This MP3 sample will introduce you to some of the techniques used in our 100+ audio programs – techniques such  as positive affirmations, visualization, guided meditation, and guided imagery.

Our other audio programs are similar to this MP3 sample, but longer in length (typically 60-78 minutes). They incorporate additional techniques such as subliminal  programming (with subliminal messages recorded beneath the sound of ocean waves or carefully selected music), and  focus on helping you achieve specific goals like increasing your self-esteem, conquering your fears and anxiety or managing your weight.

Right click on the image or link below and select “save target as” to download and save the MP3 sample to your computer or MP3 player!

(The file is 11.8 MB in size and will take less than 1 minute to download with a 3 Mbps cable modem or DSL connection. If you have a 56K dial up connection, the file will take approximately 29 minutes to download.)

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