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How to Win the Lottery! For real!

By Jeff Griswold on March 30, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks / no comments

Today the Mega Millions lottery jackpot is larger than any lottery jackpot has ever been: over $500 million! A number THAT large is extremely exciting. And it probably makes spending a dollar on a ticket a great value if only to buy hope for a few hours. For those few…

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The “Spectacular Results” of Mindfulness Meditation

By Jeff Griswold on March 27, 2012 / Categories: Blog / no comments

It’s always interesting, and somewhat gratifying, when something you’ve known and observed for years is “discovered” by somebody else. Especially the scientific community!   Our programs all promote mindfulness, especially our Effective Meditation series which employs a Vipassana meditation technique. Given our experience over the last 40 years, we are…

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What’s So Great About Audio?

By Jeff Griswold on March 9, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Research / no comments

When Bob Griswold founded Effective Learning Systems, Inc. in 1972, his goal was to help people harness more of the tremendous power within their own minds to be happier, healthier, and more successful in all areas of life. So, with that ambitious goal in mind, why focus on audio programs…

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What’s your “Compelling Vision for the Future?”

By Jeff Griswold on March 6, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks / 1 comment

Today I want to share a story of a thought-provoking question and a simple technique to help you achieve your goals! Last month I was fortunate enough to be a judge for a wonderful event which was essentially an American Idol-style competition for elite motivational speakers. It was a challenging…

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Muhammad Ali – Almost Brilliant!

By Jeff Griswold on March 5, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks / no comments

I saw this image today on Twitter and thought it needed a comment.  This quote from Muhammad Ali says a lot about the power of repeating affirmations.  But I think he was one word away from the real power of positive affirmations. According to this quote, Muhammad Ali once said:…

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Achieve Goals With The All Time Bestsellers’ Collection

By Jeff Griswold on February 23, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Product News / no comments

Leading audio self-help provider, Effective Learning Systems, has compiled 16 of its most effective audio programs into one ultimate collection. Bob Griswold’s ‘All-Time Bestsellers’ Collection reveals how to live a better life and achieve goals by reconditioning the inner mind to harness the full power of the subconscious. It eliminates…

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To Lose Weight, Change Your Brain

By Jeff Griswold on February 23, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks / 3 comments

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, your greatest enemy could be your brain. The latest research reveals losing weight is much harder than previously thought because the brain registers a new, higher ‘set point’ as you gain weight that makes shedding those unwanted pounds more difficult. You can eat less…

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How Meditation Changes Your Brain

By Jeff Griswold on February 23, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Research / no comments

Meditation has been around for centuries but today, thanks to advances in medical science, you can see the effect of meditation on the brain. MRI scans taken on people who meditate every day reveals changes in the structure of their brains. According to a New York Times report, …those who…

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How Writers Can Conquer Fear and Anxiety

By Jeff Griswold on February 23, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks / no comments

Freelance writing requires you to hustle, empathize, manage your time, and exude self-confidence. And then there’s the writing. From giving speeches to selling your services, the skill-set goes beyond the printed word. So, what’s the best way to manage the rollercoaster ride of feelings most writers go through to make…

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Our New Website is Almost Ready!

By Jeff Griswold on September 22, 2011 / Categories: Blog / no comments

Remember Well, we took it down a while ago so we could launch our new and improved website. We are almost done and are very eager to unveil it! Here’s what’s new and exciting: First of all, we decided to go with instead of Sure, it’s a…

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