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What’s So Great About Audio?

By Jeff Griswold on March 9, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Research / no comments

When Bob Griswold founded Effective Learning Systems, Inc. in 1972, his goal was to help people harness more of the tremendous power within their own minds to be happier, healthier, and more successful in all areas of life. So, with that ambitious goal in mind, why focus on audio programs…

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How Meditation Changes Your Brain

By Jeff Griswold on February 23, 2012 / Categories: Blog, Research / no comments

Meditation has been around for centuries but today, thanks to advances in medical science, you can see the effect of meditation on the brain. MRI scans taken on people who meditate every day reveals changes in the structure of their brains. According to a New York Times report, …those who…

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