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Alpha Break (MP3 Download)

You’ll receive instant access to your free MP3 download of our Alpha Break audio program. This MP3 download will help you relax mentally and physically in just 10 minutes.

Use your Alpha Break MP3 download any time during the day. It’s a positive alternative to a “coffee break.” While it lasts only 10 minutes, it will help you relax and lower your brainwave frequency to the alpha state (7-14 Hertz). At this level of mind you will quickly raise your energy level, generate new ideas, make decisions, or just renew your positive attitude. It’s ready to serve you wherever you go. Try it now!

This MP3 sample will introduce you to some of the techniques used in our 100+ audio programs – techniques such as positive affirmations, visualization, guided meditation, and guided imagery.

Our other audio programs are similar to this MP3 sample, but longer in length (typically 60-78 minutes). They incorporate additional techniques such as subliminal programming (with subliminal messages recorded beneath the sound of ocean waves or carefully selected music), and focus on helping you achieve specific goals like increasing your self-esteem, conquering your fears and anxiety or managing your weight.

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The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn

You’ll also receive this fantastic 24 page report by Bob Griswold, Founder of Effective Learning Systems, Inc. This report will teach you the secrets to tapping your inner power and using it to achieve anything you choose. Enjoy it with our compliments!

The Three Keys to Life-Long Health and Weight Control

This 26 page report by Jeff Griswold, President of Effective Learning Systems, provides a simple but profound famework for thinking about your health, nutrition, and your self-esteem. It’s an easy, enjoyable read and you’ll learn a lot!

The Effective Learning Newsletter

If you are someone who wants to get more out of life, this newsletter is for you! Whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve. This newsletter will help you make your dreams come true and help you live to your full potential! Each new issue of our newsletter will provide you with:

Simple yet powerful techniques for programming yourself for success
Useful information on health and healing
Current research related to self-improvement
Success stories from our students
Interesting news and updates
And more!

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