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In-depth Profiles

These are profiles of customers who have used our programs to change their lives. Choose a story and read about how some of our customers have used our programs to change their lives! We hope we can add your story, too!

Transforming Lives: Dorsey’s Focus on Positive Outcomes

“I wanted to address the negative energies and emotions that seemed to slow my progress to reaching my goals,” begins Dorsey. “Like everyone, I’ve had moments when negative reactions have impaired my ability to move forward towards my goals.” Dorsey’s wife suggested he listen to audio programs from Effective Learning…

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Transforming Lives: Marlin’s Story

There were two issues Marlin wanted to change in his life: his weight and his habit of procrastination. While browsing in a bookstore, he discovered Effective Learning’s audio self-help program ‘Achieve Your Ideal Weight’. “I’d used many motivational tapes in the past to help me lose weight, but this one actually worked.”…

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Transforming Lives: Don’t Fear Life – Embrace It!

Jenny lives in Florida and works in social services. “I used to be afraid of life,” she begins. “Now I embrace it.” Jenny explains where her fear originated. “I had some very difficult experiences in early life and young adulthood which created problems with my self-image and confidence. At college, I was…

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Transforming Lives: Annie Marie Chooses Happiness

Can you change? Can you undo years of programming and live the kind of life you want to? In this inspiring story, one woman reveals how she radically changed her attitude and approach to life. Today, gently spoken Annie Marie says you are what you believe but for many years,…

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Transforming Lives: A Single Mom Raising Twin Boys

Rasheedah came across the Love Tapes in the early 1980s. “I was the newly divorced mother of 4 year-old twin sons and completing a degree in Psychology. I didn’t have specific areas of my life that I was dissatisfied with. I just wanted to reinforce key life principles and was…

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Transforming Lives: A Nurse’s Lifeline

Julia lives in Kansas City, Missouri and works as a registered nurse. It’s been decades since she picked up her first copy of The Love Tapes that has filled her life with “benefits and graces.” “I don’t remember how I first came across a little flyer about The Love Tapes back in…

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Transforming Lives: Tony Transforms Himself and his Family

As Tony browsed the shelves in the B Dalton Bookstore in Westland Mall, Florida, he knew he wanted something to help him gain a more positive outlook on life.

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