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Maximize the Benefits from your WiseGuide App!

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These life-changing audio programs offer an unbeatable recipe including a special combination of whole-brain learning, affirmations, positive emotions, proven mind development techniques, and the power of love. They are unmatched in their ability to communicate valuable information, ideas and mental processes.

How you maximize the benefits of your audio programs will depend on which kind of program you are using. However all the WiseGuide audios are designed to be used repeatedly. As with any learning process, repetition and consistency are important. We recommend that you use each program at least once a day for 30 days or more. Also, we recommend that you use some of your favorite affirmations and mental programming techniques you learn from the programs on a daily basis. You’ll find that doing so will take practically no extra time or effort.

Maximizing the benefits of The Love Tapes®, While-U-Sleep™, & Effective Meditations™ titles
These series are designed to be used when you have time to relax and close your eyes. The guided imagery and meditations will allow you to enjoy a very relaxed state of mind and body. In this environment, your mind learns faster and better and is more open to new ideas. These programs are very powerful and you will enjoy the experience immensely.

Maximizing the benefits of the While-U-Drive®, Busy People™/ Music Affirmations™, and Walking & Active Life™ programs
These programs are designed to be used while you are driving, exercising, working or during other activities. The powerful information, affirmations, upbeat music, and programming techniques will raise your energy level, brighten your mood, and help you improve yourself without slowing down.

You can use these programs even if you only have a short time to listen. For example, if you are using a While-U-Drive® program and your drive to work or the store only takes ten or twenty minutes listen for that amount of time, and the next time you drive just pick up where you left off. Even a few minutes of listening will leave you feeling more energized and positive.

Using Multiple Titles
Most people have several areas in their life that they want to improve. Therefore, you will probably find 2 or more titles you want to listen to at any given time. Are the programs as effective if I listen to more than one in a day or a week? Absolutely!

All of our titles complement and support one another. You can listen to one today and another tomorrow. Or one in the morning and another at night. Consistent use is the most important thing. Listen to each program at least 30 times. The more you listen, the better.

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