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About the Series – WiseGuide App

Each of the audio programs in the WiseGuide App are from one the following series of programs.  All of the programs are very powerful and life-changing. However, each series uses different strategies and techniques to help you achieve your goals. They offer you a choice of when and how to listen so you’ll always find something that just right for you.

Love Tapes_Logo AThe Love Tapes®

The first series developed by Effective Learning Systems was The Love Tapes®. This unique series of audio programs was created to help you develop your vast untapped abilities. You’ll realize your full potential and make amazing improvements in virtually any area you choose.

The Love Tapes are based on the most current brain/mind research, sound psychological principals, and years of experience with thousands of people. Each title in the Love Tapes series includes:

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Effective Meditations™

Each of the titles in this “Mindfulness Plus” series consists of two meditations.

The first is a beautifully relaxing guided meditation enhanced by positive imagery, affirmations, breathing techniques and peaceful music and/or calming nature sounds.

The second meditation assists you in relaxing your body and calming your mind, along with minimal guidance so you can proceed independently and successfully with your meditation.

These programs employ a type of Present Moment Meditation (also known as Vipassana Meditation) through which you’ll experience a wonderful state of relaxed mindfulness and learn to focus your consciousness and inner resources so you can achieve your goals naturally and easily.

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Whil-U-Drive_Logo r bestWhile-U-Drive®

You will be able to manage stress, lose weight, become more positive, and more. All while driving, walking, working out, doing housework, traveling in a bus, train or plane or practically any other activity.

Made up of several 5 to 10 minute segments, each program provides, instant, positive support in the form of information, encouragement, and techniques that help you internalize the changes you desire.

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While-U-Sleep self-improvement audio programsWhile-U-Sleep™

This series is similar to the Love Tapes in that it asks you to close your eyes and helps you relax completely. However, while the Love Tapes are designed to be used as a 30-minute guided meditation session any time you have the chance to close your eyes and relax completely, the While-U-Sleep programs are carefully designed to help you get to sleep quickly and experience a full night of deep, restful sleep. All while delivering powerful, positive messages, imagery, and programming aimed to help you achieve specific life-improvement goals.

This unique series of audio programs was created to help you develop your vast untapped abilities, realize your full potential, and make amazing improvements in virtually any area you choose. Listen nightly and these programs can help you change your life!

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BusyPeople copyMusic Affirmations™ for Busy People™

If you’re too busy to take time out of each day to focus on yourself, we have just what you need. We created the Music Affirmations series specifically for busy people like you. Make positive changes in your life even if you don’t have a lot of time. You’ll find it easy to improve your life with these powerful programs that you can use any time.

Each of the titles in this series features carefully selected positive statements blended with energizing music to make them even more effective and enjoyable. Listen while you commute, exercise, or any time you choose.

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Walking and Active Life

Walking may be the BEST form of exercise there is. Compared to other exercise you experience fewer injuries because it’s low-impact, it’s easy to do, and it’s cheap – all you need is a good pair of shoes!

Walking can help you lose weight, improve circulation and muscle tone, relieve stress, lift your spirits and help you stay young. It also promotes creativity, concentration, and can even improve memory.

These one-hour programs feature enjoyable, energizing music, and positive, motivating audible affirmations to help you feel stronger, happier, more energetic and more in control of your life. They were created by one of the most experienced certified fitness specialists in the United States.

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