By Series


1. While-U-Sleep™

Improve your life while you sleep! These programs are designed specifically for listening at bed time. They’ll help you get to sleep quickly and you can listen all night. Eliminate fears, lose weight, attract loving relationships and more while you get a full night’s sleep. Read more about the series here, or browse all the While-U-Sleep titles.


2. The Love Tapes

Use Your Mind To Do Anything You Choose. Listening to our time-tested series will help you create profound, positive changes in your life. Enjoyable and relaxing, these programs are guaranteed to help you reach your full potential! Read more about the Love Tapes here, or browse all the Love Tapes titles.


3. While-U-Drive

Achieve your goals without slowing down! Improve your memory, stop smoking, lose weight, and more! All while you’re driving! It’s easy with these programs. Read more about the series here, or browse all the While-U-Drive titles.


4. Effective Meditations

Deep and powerful meditations that will greatly increase your awareness and help you realize your untapped potential. Read more about the series here, or browse all the Effective Meditation titles.


5. For Busy People

If you’re too busy to take time out of each day to focus on yourself, we have just what you need. We created the Music Affirmations series specifically for busy people like you. Make positive changes in your life even if you don’t have a lot of time. Read more about Music Affirmations for Busy People here, or browse all the Music Affirmations titles.

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