Music Affirmations for Controlling Your Emotions

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Improve your ability to handle anger, criticism, and difficult situations. These time-tested positive statements blended with specially selected music are specifically designed for BUSY PEOPLE. Within minutes it will lift your spirits and you will begin to enjoy the calm confidence of being in greater control of your emotions.

This is one of several titles in the For Busy People series. The carefully selected positive affirmations blended with energizing music are designed to be used any time and will help you improve your life without slowing you down. Click here to learn more about the For Busy People series.

Customer Reviews

  • Angela on August 15, 2014

    During everyone’s life we all go through times where we need a little help. This cd was it for me, in little time I began to feel hopeful, happier and fun to be with. Thank you 🙂

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