Healing Yourself with Your Mind

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This wonderfully enjoyable program is designed to help you assist your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  It is a powerful complement to – not a substitute for – proper medical  treatment.  You’ll enjoy how it helps you relax completely, think and feel more positive, and learn terrific techniques, ideas and information that will be extremely valuable to you and your loved ones.

Customer Reviews

  • Cindy on December 22, 2012

    The day I was diagnosed with lymphoma, I immediately came home and ordered this tape. It provided marvelous support before, during, and after chemo. Highly recommend.

    • Jeff Griswold on December 26, 2012

      Dear Cindy, Thank you for your kind review of “Healing Yourself with Your Mind.” We are very glad that our program was helpful to you during your battle with cancer. You have our best wishes for continued health and happiness!

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