Peace of Mind

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There is nothing more important than peace of mind in leading a happy life. This program will help you release negative feelings, relax, and enjoy an inner peace that is priceless. With peace of mind your health and relationships improve and your whole life becomes more satisfying and enjoyable. It’s the closest thing to heaven on earth.

This program is one of the excellent titles in our LOVE TAPES® series. It features a relaxing and powerful guided meditation exercise along with two soothing subliminal programs. Together they provide the perfect recipe for self-improvement. Click here to learn more about the LOVE TAPES series.

Customer Reviews

  • Angela on August 15, 2014

    If you have ever felt like you couldn’t control your thoughts, feelings or emotions this is for you.
    Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings determine how we act. So this is the starting place for all future changes within yourself and your life.
    I couldn’t have done it without this cd.

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