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Here is your opportunity to become very efficient, organized and productive. You’ll manage your time much better and finish projects quickly and easily with the help of this wonderful audio program. It will save you time, increase the accuracy of your work, and bring you countless other rewards.

This program is one of the excellent titles in our LOVE TAPES® series. It features a relaxing and powerful guided meditation exercise along with two soothing subliminal programs. Together they provide the perfect recipe for self-improvement. Click here to learn more about the LOVE TAPES series.

Customer Reviews

  • Diana on April 16, 2013

    I have the tape version of this for years and it’s helped me immensely with my organization and productivity and time management. It keeps me from being lazy about my priorities. 🙂

  • Michelle on November 27, 2016

    I have been listening to all kinds of meditations/hypnosis collections for over a year now, from generic to the top methods like silva, and after about giving up I tried one of Bobs a month ago and it worked instantly! I thought “wow, must just be a lucky coincidence,” thinking it wouldnt last, but it did! I use them daily now! Thank you. I also love deidrea griswolds 🙂

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