Your Complete Success Weight Loss Program

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Normal Price $59.98 for CDs or $39.96 for MP3
$29.98 Today – any format (CD or MP3)

Lose weight quickly, easily, and naturally with our most powerful weight loss package. This set includes 4 complete audio programs which are guaranteed to help you improve your eating habits, control cravings, develop a healthier self-image, and increase your motivation to exercise regularly. The set contains the following audio programs:

  1. Super Strength Weight-Loss
  2. Slim Image II
  3. Exercise Motivation
  4. Achieve Your Ideal Weight…Automatically

Order now and we’ll include:

  • The extremely helpful Guidebook which will help you get the most from the program
  • A BONUS program: Stay Slim  at no extra charge. You’ll want this program to help you enjoy and maintain the progress you will most certainly make!

Your success is guaranteed! Order today!


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